Don’t Replace it – Repair it!


Carpet Repair
Midland – Odessa, TX

Don’t Replace it – Repair it!

Damaged carpet is an eyesore, but you don’t have to live with it. Most carpet stores want to sell you new carpet not repair your current carpet. Advance Cleaning specializes in top quality carpet repair.

Don’t let 5% of your carpet cost you 100% replacement! Repair it instead for a fraction of the cost.

Common Causes of Carpet Damage

Dogs, cats and even hamsters end up being a part of the family, but lets face it, they are still animals! These “family members” can be unruly by clawing and chewing up your carpet. They can create open seams, wrinkles, bald spots and other damage.
Many of our customers have safety hazard seams in their carpet. It doesn’t matter if the seam is frayed or lifted, Advance Cleaning can fix it. We have a huge toolbox of the best carpet repair tools on the market and have honed many techniques to fix these common problems.
Cigarette burns, iron burns, fireplace ember burns and candles you forgot to blow out can all cause varying levels of damage to your carpet. Before you consider replacing your carpet call Advance Cleaning, we can make those burn marks disappear saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the long run.
Small Area Discolorations, or “SAD” spots, are commonly caused by crayons, dye stains, stubborn food stains, pet urine, children’s drinks, chewing gum and even paint. Advance Cleaning can take care of these spots for you leaving your carpet looking new.
The two most common reasons for unsightly ripples, wrinkles and bubbles are poor installation and high heat. Leaving your home unattended with the internal temperature rising above 85 degrees will cause ripples or bubbles which are not only unsightly but also a tripping hazard. Advance cleaning can re-stretch your carpet back to its original form.
Water in large amounts does not sit well with carpet and it’s more common than you realize. Flood damage, leaking water heaters, dripping ceilings – these are just a few of the most common causes of water damage in a home. Water can cause several major problems from loosening tack strips and separating glue to the possibility of mold forming under the carpet and spreading up walls.

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Advance Cleaning’s Carpet Repair Services

    Carpet must be power stretched properly to ensure a tight hold for the life of the carpet. If not, carpet tends to ripple in common traffic areas. We fix all ripples in carpet preventing tripping and making it safe to walk in your home or business again.
    Is your carpet coming apart at the seams? If so, our carpet seam repair experts can solve the problem. When a carpet seam is done properly, it will stay in place for the lifetime of the carpet. However, seams can split when they’re sealed improperly, when they’re pulled apart by force, or if the carpet has exceeded its lifespan.
    A carpet to floor transition is any place where your carpet and other flooring meet. We can handle any type of transition, including carpet-to-tile transition, carpet-to-linoleum transition, carpet-to-wood floor transition or any other type of carpet-to-floor transition.
    Avoid trip-hazard liabilities while saving your commercial carpet by having us repair it for you. When we’re finished with your commercial carpet repair, you can be assured that people with wheelchairs, walking canes, high heals and more can walk on your carpet safely.
    Berber carpet repair is our specialty. Patching Berber carpet, fixing a run in a Berber carpet or stretching a loose Berber carpet takes a lot of experience and skill to get it just right. We know exactly how to repair a Berber carpet and we’ll do it right the first time.

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When we arrive at your home, we are ready to get to work. We will assess the damage to your carpet and implement the plan to repair your carpet. The only thing that we need you to do is relocate pieces of furniture that can be easily removed such as lamps and coffee tables. We work quickly and efficiently so you can get back to your day as soon as possible!

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